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“Essentially nobody understands calculus the first time they take it. I didn't understand calculus the first time I took it. In fact, for most of us who teach calculus, the time we understood calculus was the time we taught it... and I recommend this as a method for learning anything.”

from Change And Motion: Calculus Made Clear by Professor Michael Starbird

Lower launch cost means lower payload build cost. The Domino effect

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It has been stated repeatedly over the years that adjusted cost of launch per pound has not changed since 1961.  But that is now no longer true.

“One of the big drivers was cost,” Spiwak said. “We’re able to get the launch cost significantly reduced, get more payload mass to orbit, and reduce the overall cycle time of (building each satellite).”

Quote from Mark Spiwak, president of Boeing Satellite Systems International Inc. On last night's SpaceX launch.

He's talking Boeing-pro about the weight of the sat thrusters but read the big picture: the SpaceX launch cost difference is a major part of this equation. THAT is what it is all about.  Lower cost to orbit means payloads don't have to cost so much to build for every inconceivable fringe issue that may or may not ever come up. You can add some risk because putting up another bird costs less.


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