Y'herd thisun? 

“We well know, from repeated experience, how much misery and hardship men will undergo in their own country, before they can determine to desert it; and how often the most tempting proposals of embarking for new settlements have been rejected by people who appeared to be almost starving.”

from Principle of Population, Chapter 10 by Thomas Malthus

Velobind reclosable

Wow, it's been a year since all of my "personal" stuff has been only for the Space Studies Institute web and  Facebook pages?  Wow.  But here's one for my reference that end users won't care much about but sure made my day as I sit here with over 800 pounds of original Solar Power Satellite NASA and DOE reports to convert and make available to those who feel reality is only what is on the internet.

Velobind Recloseables.  Tried real hard to find them locally but in the end could only get them from Amazon.

BTW, check out the names on this doc.. Vajk (Doomsday Has Been Cancelled), Stine (Halfway to Anywhere, Confrontation in Space, Third Industrial Revolution, Space Enterprise) and O'Neill's old pal Gerald Driggers (A Case For Mars Simulation in Earth Orbit - aka SSI G-Lab)

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