Y'herd thisun? 

“International competition rather than international cooperation motivated states to open terrestrial frontiers for centuries, and that motivation will have to be harnessed again for our species to permanently occupy other worlds of the solar system.”

from Reopening the Space Frontier by John Hickman

Yes, thank you, it was a very nice birthday

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I'm a terrible person.  I make my living teaching machines to keep track of minutia but I never remember anyone else's birthdays.  Guess it's like being able to spot the best mechanic by looking for the guy in the most beat up car in the dealer lot.

In any case, I thank the long-time budds who wished me a happy and yes it was.

I told da'boy his gift to me could be letting me sleep till I woke up, to have his KUMON done and his bed made before whenever that was... and he hit every mark (good kid).  We all took a nice hike through Fryman Canyon.  I back-seat drivered a few solid hours of my wife's game of Assassin's Creed Black Flag (good as Fallout for just being a watcher).  Played Tiki Tumble (lost) and Quoridor (lost) with da'boy before he drifted off to sleep to the great Audible edition of Ender's Shadow.  Waited for the girl to fall asleep then sat back with the last of my rye and watched my favorite ChessKing chess lesson video (Opening Moves the VO guy is great).  Beat my vintage Fidelity Gambit on level 3 (one out of ten, but still).  Put on Perry Mason and finally wrapped up the serverside validation of all the remaining datatypes.  Popped the cork on a brut and drank half of it, thought it funny that years ago I'd have keep drinking the case but now didn't think much of pouring most of it away.

4am, time to crash for a couple hours of day one of another spin around the sun.  

... after just one more game of chess.

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