Y'herd thisun? 

“Millions of Chinese peasants died of famine during the Mao Zedong Great Leap Forward period as agricultural crops proved stubbornly unresponsive to demonstrations of mass enthusiasm. Chinese industrial production also declined as factory machinery proved similarly unresponsive. What worked was Deng Xiaoping's restoration of material incentives for good management and disciplined work”

from Reopening the Space Frontier by John Hickman

The Gravity of Big Data


They keep calling the Silicon Valley mega projects "moon shots"... why? 

"We can lick gravity, but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming." - von Braun

'You promised me Mars Colonies, instead we got facebook' - Buzz Aldrin

If the paperwork was the big hurdle in the paper days of the Moon program and now we have cell phones that make the super computers of that day seems silly... why is it that all of the "big data" processing isn't actually working on licking gravity? I'm as big a lover of analytics for apps as everyone, but, umm,  why are we not pointing our money-making 'puter power at the stuff that can make 8 billion lives actually free-er?

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