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This morning in the Leeward Space Foundation group on LinkedIn, Jun Okushi posted a link to this Examiner article which reported Buzz Aldrin is no fan of the current Asteroid plan.  And, of course the comments raged from the Mars, Moon and Asteroid supporters (wait, there were no Asteroid supporters, odd).

If you're on LinkedIn, search for it but be ready for a slug fest.

With my two cents I was going to quote Mozart's exclamation to his wigmaker...

... but I posted this instead:

Just received Aldrin's new book yesterday, haven't cracked it yet, but am looking forward to getting the full meal deal on why his experience leads him to seeing Mars as viable, sustainable, and of the higher priority.

Most everyone who reads Zubrin's Case For Mars comes away caught up in it and ready to fight under the Mars banner... but after more data settles in the niggling fact remains that after working so hard and paying so much to get out of one major gravity well having the final result being getting stuck down yet another one seems a tough sell (without gold or loads of free energy filling your return vehicle).

It took a lot of years and a lot of consideration but - to my view - if a "planet" has to be the desire then the Moon has most logical advantages. However, even the Moon does not seem the best end-goal target for Humans so much as a source of slag that could be used for *real* long-term Human settlement and expansion (And the Asteroids have all the same in spades, with even less gravity issues). Granted you have to have a LOT of faith in Humanity to put long-term in-space habitation on your table, maybe we just don't have such faith in our engineers and ourselves these days (Buzz is from another mental-outlook day, and is proof that impossible can be done by mere mortals).

Seems to me that the real power of Mars is mostly that it is an easier sell to folks who don't spend their days thinking about Off-Earth things... most good normal people only think of space every now and then between the things that are actually important to their required heads-down lives and they (we all) have been indoctrinated by rote to accept that Mars is the end-goal. But as real long-term advantages go, "Planetary Chauvinism" might not be all that helpful.

At least a Mars trip is lengthy enough to force work to be finally be done off-Earth on Closed Loop systems.

Now to pay the piper and start reading the new Buzz and see if he can persuade us that there is something we'd missed for regular homestead-dreaming Humans in the rusty dunes.

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