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“Thus far, radiation has not been a major problem for crews on the shuttle, whose maximum stay [prior to EDO - smith] has not exceeded 10 days. Skylab crews did not suffer ill effects from radiation even on the longest voyage of 84 days. And cosmonauts who have been in space for a full year have not shown evidence of damage from radiation. The radiation dosage received by astronauts (and cosmonauts) is routinely monitored”

from Space Commerce, Materials Processing by Secretary of the Air Force, Dr. John L. McLucas

Redmond VBDA ISAM Source Code

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As promised, here's the downloadable project source code for the demos shown and the demo I didn't have time to show. Also, please look for more details on specific source types on the Export To Anything and Relational Text Files pages here on

Demo1: Shows how to export results of ANY Jet query to ANY ISAM format

Demo2: Shows how to convert a single table or a whole database from ANY ISAM type to ANY ISAM type without any automation, all with VB

Demo3: Shows how to create a new blank database of ANY ISAM format totally with VB

Full Demo projects, data and Readme.txt are in one zip. Please *read* the readme as it covers the relative path location information you will need to run the demos. Also, read through the source code before running any project!! These demos create and delete files, make sure that you understand the techniques in the code so that you do not have any accidents.We assume no responsibility for the ramifications of the project code.  If this is all cool with you, Click here to get (467k zip)

July 15 1999 Update:A cool utility project that converts any Excel version (4->8) to Jet and vise versa. Good tool, great example of the different techniques ... and a few others. Click here to get (just 7k!).

Note: this demo uses the default Excel export style which is to create a file with a sheet and named range where all of these objects have the same name such as: an Excel file "MyExport.xls" with a worksheet "MyExport$" that contains a single named range "MyExport". This style is used for the import demo part of the project also, but you can adapt it using the code below.

November 20 Update: To see an example of how to read spreadsheet Sheets and named ranges, click here for more free demo source code. This 3k zip makes it very simple and though it shows with Excel 4 and Lotus WK1, you can add all other excel and 123 versions by just adding to the commondialog filter list.

Hope it helps.

Robert Smith
Kirkland WA

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