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“Scientists at the Space Applications Centre (SAC), using data gathered from Chandrayaan-I's Terrain Mapping Camera and Hyper Spectral Imager (HySI) payloads, found a 1.2 km long buried, uncollapsed and near horizontal lava tube.

The scientists said the lava tubes offer a dust-free environment and adapting them for human use requires minimal construction.

The structure[s] also shields its occupants as after 6 meters depth, no effects of radiation due to or induced by galactic cosmic rays were observed in simulation, they said. "After less than one meter, no effects of radiation due to or induced by solar particle events are observable. Natural or induced radioactivity does not play a significant role in the lava tube exposures," the scientists said.”

from ISRO finds cave on moon; can be used as human outpost, Feb 24 2011 by Indian Defense News

Where's the winform splitter?

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The XP GUI flat style (some call it the Retro-Apple style) is neat and clean.

The splitter control is a nice addition.

But together, they can be annoying to the users ... at first.

The splitter offers three border styles: "None", "FixedSingle" (draws a line around the rectangle) and "Fixed3D." Problem is that the 3d option does what most of us feel is the opposite of what we need, it insets rather than popping up.

There's a very simple way to get the raised look that you need ... just override the painting of the splitter.

Start a new VB7 project using the "Windows Control Library" template. Change the name of the project to "svEnhancedSplitter" (or whatever name you'd prefer)

When C# is done wizarding the basic files, rightclick on the "UserControl1.vb" node on the project tree and choose "Delete" (this is the easy way to start off fresh). Then rightclick on the Project node and choose "Add >> Add UserControl." Making sure that the template is set to "User Control" give the new file a name (I'll use "svEnhancedSplitter.vb" and change the Namespace later).

Now, doubleclick on the usercontrol designer or click on the "svEnhancedSplitter.vb" tab on the work area to bring up the code view. Change the Inheritance from "System.Windows.Forms.UserControl" to "System.Windows.Forms.Splitter"

Pull down the Class Name combo and click on Base Class Events.

Pull down the Method Name combo and click on Paint.

Fill in the stub as shown below.

Now you've only to build this project. Once referenced in any other project you can drag your new splitter from the toolbox to a form and have the raised look. There's no need to put a wrapper on your old Sheridan control after all :)

Hope that helps.

Robert Smith, Kirkland, WA

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