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“Seen the funny and GREAT movie "the Big Dish?" Heading to Cali for a vaca? You have to visit the Goldstone array complex. Check this to see why”

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Human Spaceflight Forum August 23rd 2010

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John Rose of Boeing/AIAA Orange County Orange County
Dean Davis of Boeing/AIAA Los Angeles
Dr. Robert Zubrin of Mars Society & Pioneer Astronautics
Jeff Greason of XCOR Aerospace
Mark Hopkins of Rand Corporation/National Space Society
Dr. Buzz Aldrin .. of Human History

I only brought the video camera on a slight hope that I'd be allowed to use it.  As luck would have it, when I asked if I could tape the session John Rose told me Yes, so long as I provided him a copy because in the rush he'd forgotten to bring his video camera.

With that permission, I set up on the stairs to avoid getting heads in the way.  As I was checking the view, Kaili Rowland of the Columbia Space Center came up to me and asked if I could also provide her and the Center with a copy of the tapes because her camera person had just called to say that they couldn't make it.

So.. no tripod means it's a little shakey and the bright sunlight behind Dr. Zubrin's chair meant I had to walk down and around during his part so that you could see his face, plus my widescreen video camera ran out of juice at the Q&A forcing a punt to standard format with my still camera's video.

If you can ignore these technical issues I think you'll really get something solid out of the content.  These guys know their stuff and this particular forum turned out to Not be yet another canned speach meeting.

The state of Human Spaceflight in the United States of America is not good.  And the speakers do not sugar coat or avoid that fact.  They meet it head on.  They are as frustrated as everyone else, but better than everyone else they have real working knowledge that I think you will be better off hearing than just living on NASA PR.  This is not just for geeks, there are very few acronyms... mostly it is about politics and our Government's odd and even corrupt way of life.

it is important even if you don't give a darn about Space.

I hope that at some point you can start it from the beginning and listen all the way through, there will be a number of moments that are real eye-opening.  But if you can't do that right now then at least jump up to the beginning of Dr. Zubrin's part (about 11 minutes in, and yes it gets a lot less jittery once I get down from the stairs); Love him or hate him you gotta admit that Zubrin is a great communicator for "The Cause".  Jeff Greason of XCOR's segment is short and sweet and right to the points starting after Zubrin (32:30 in), so let it roll if you can :).

Oh, and the last question (127 mins or so in, just near the end) is also pretty darned good... I didn't expect the answers to that!

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