Y'herd thisun? 

“Thus far, radiation has not been a major problem for crews on the shuttle, whose maximum stay [prior to EDO - smith] has not exceeded 10 days. Skylab crews did not suffer ill effects from radiation even on the longest voyage of 84 days. And cosmonauts who have been in space for a full year have not shown evidence of damage from radiation. The radiation dosage received by astronauts (and cosmonauts) is routinely monitored”

from Space Commerce, Materials Processing by Secretary of the Air Force, Dr. John L. McLucas

Dragon Down, test2&3 success

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Dragon Down.

The bonds of the Military Industrial complex vendor's control of Space have been broken.  Hmmm, is the deathstar really completely gone?


Go SpaceX.


Just as a side note, remember in the press conference after the successful launch a reporter said that it appeared everyone at SpaceX mission control was in their 20s?  Did you catch this morning that front and center in Hawthorne the faces all had more age to them?  Just caught my eye, prolly coincidence ;-).

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