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“Nothing is impossible on earth; one must only discover the means with which it can be carried out.”

from Ways of Spaceflight, 1928 (NASA F-622) by Hermann Oberth

E3 2014 Gamespot All Hail Monolith

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I'n not a big fan of pages just listing links but....

Gamespot did their biggies of E3 2014 and I'm full of pride for the great folks at Monolith!  Shadow of Mordor *is* awesome!

And for Heinlein fen, take a gander at No Man's Sky.  Please God, make it release the way they envision it.  The interview on the link above is exciting but you also should check it out at its debut at the Sony Press Conference.  To get to that, click here and advance to 53:50.  "Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke". A Science Fiction lover's Science Fiction game instead of just another SCIFI bug hunt.  Amazing!!!!

Plus.. Little Big Planet 3, whoa, they did it again.  So good I'll actually wear the black t-shirt they handed out. 

And yes, I cried over the sad part of Ori. 

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