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ELMAH... another vote for it

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Must be a slow dev day, just got two contacts on top of each other ... one about a previous casual mention of my using ELMAH.

No one likes remaking log code.  No one.  Not even me, and I pontificate over and over about love of code and the need for coders to be in it for the fun of coding instead of becoming c# scripters glueing together willy-nilly libraries.  (Oy, don't even get me started on my view of the Entity Framework)

After I'd evangelized my opinion yet again a friend asked me to do a little for-fun project and it dawned on me that I really didn't like the logging stuff I'd done before and honestly didn't feel any excitement at all or that particular part of the plumbing.

And it popped in my head that Scott Hanselman had given a huge happy for ELMAH and so I gave it a try.

Whaddya know, it really was easy to drop in and adapt to my needs.  And yes it seems to work great in 3.5sp1 and 4x projects too even though the bins are still only officially for 2.0. (I currently don't have release experience with ASP.Net MVC so I can't speak on that).

But I have to be fully up front to you: it wasn't really all that ELMAH did that made me pull the trigger on a release.  It was their instructions on how to use a standalone cassini in their demo project.  Reading those few lines of instructions I got the feel that someone who really has fun developing was talking.

And to me, that went over big.

Some (many) folks hit the ELMAH site and nag about how the site looks cheesy and so on, implying that the lack of show biz spoke against the product, but to me (a former show biz guy), too fancy on the look implies something is being glossed over.

Silly?  Maybe.

But yes, I now use ELMAH where I can.  Hanselman and all of the other great names who push it are pretty much right.  And my different viewpoint makes me like the makers as much as the tool itself.

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