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Grow Your Hair For Space

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Over the years, as every new NASA budget fiasco has loomed, a memory has popped into my head. Back in the fearful Sputnik days American school children sent their personal pennies to the NASA offices with handwritten notes of support.

It's brought up in documentaries as an example of the cute blind faith of the Space Age and the power of the simple children.

Seems someone else has been pestered by it and, more than me, is actually taking it as a possible stunt that could work again. Click here for the NASA Bake Sale story.

More power to them.. but I wonder if it's better that we finally have a President who isn't afraid to admit that he has no personal love for continuing the BoeHeed money pit and his disinterest has given SPACE it first positive change in generations.

I worry that Mr. Romney will prefer to go back to the 'tried and false' ways of telling us all how much he personally cares about Space... and retakes the personal presidential role of throwing billions away on paper with no payoff.

I am not an Obama fan, I'm really getting tired of the traffic jams he's been making in LA and I am not looking forward to my taxes going up just because my family works its butt off instead of crying for handouts, but I have over the past few years learned that I prefer a President that gets the hell out of the way of things he has no interest in and in so doing actually allows progress to be made by companies and People that WANT to go to Space more than they just LUST for the money they can take year after year after year with no payoff for the regular people who want to see Space happen for them.

At the recent Los Angeles Spacecraft Tech Expo, the Tuesday morning roundup, the question was asked of the panelists as to whether they would keep on working if the government money completely went away.  Garrett Reisman of SpaceX said immediately "Absolutely"...

... And the Boeing representative said immediately "No." 

I couldn't believe it, it was truly that flat out fast and straight.  Space News was there but for some reason that bit didn't get covered.. Boeing and ULA are big ad buyers, though ;-).

Put bluntly, sorry to the Tea party, in this case, Obama has done it right. 

Offer me a cookie or a cupcake and I'll buy a LOT of them, I'll pay you to wash my car till the paint comes off.  But *only* if the money is going to COTS.

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