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“Zubrin, XCOR's Greason, NSS CEO Hopkins and Buzz Aldrin discuss the future of Human Spaceflight at a forum held at the Downey Columbia Memorial Space Center August 23rd 2010”

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Just sent this email to Adam Schiff

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SpaceX sent out the word in July and normal folks took it seriously - HR5781 was postponed.  Tonight I received a mail from The Space Frontier Foundation that the House bil is on deck for tomorrow.  I sent this email to my congressman... will you please contact your representative?  Trust me, it is painless and you don't have to go into the details you see here... just tell them NO on HR 5781.

Honestly, I now know from experience that when you call your congressman's office you will be listened to, the staffer will be poilte and your 'vote' will be recorded. But if you don't then you get what you paid for .. and on this one you will pay, it is your money they are churning.

Don't know your congressperson's name?  Don't be ashamed of that... I didn't either, but I do now.  Grab some junkmail or water bill (to get your zip+4 code) and go right here to find out.

Don't know what HR5781 is all about and think you don't care?  Look here.

>>Email to Adam Schiff, Democrat, 29th Disctrict>>

HR 5781.  It is a NO on that bill, Sir.

A few weeks ago I did something I'd never done before, I called my Congressman.

I was finally driven to this because HR5781 was simply too wrong to let go.  It is still wrong and I will be calling Mr. Schiff's office again in the morning but I had to make a point of it right now... because it seems the vote is coming up fast in the morning and I DO NOT want to let My Congressman do a bad thing.

Moving down form Boeing's Seattle last year to SoCal, the area that USED TO BE a leader in Space Work and Space Jobs, I was amazed at the low level of government support for the space Industry.  Now here for the year and looking at at least several more years in the area I am involved, *involved*, in standing up for what is correct for my area.

Correct is NOT paying Russia to do jobs that we are denying our own people here.

Correct IS NOT cutting the Commercial Space Industry's subsidy budgets so that they will die and NASA will have more political excuse for paying MORE US Tax dollars to Russia - for OUR JOBS.

Correct IS NOT keeping Ares and Constellation running but cutting the money and expecting the full payoff.  That is how the Shuttle ws turned from a reusable self-paying design to the huge money drain it ended up as.  Kill Ares and kill Constellation or give it FULL funding.  Get off the stick.  Best yet is to kill it and use ALL of the money to fund commercial companies who want to turn profits.

Correct IS NOT using funds to refit the Shuttle Launch pads ... *after the Shuttle program is over*.  Yes, that is in the plan, ask NASA's Florida office.

Correct is not pork and politics.  NASA should be a Space Program NOT a jobs program and definitely not a Russian Jobs Program.  Remember the reason for NASA?  Space, by Americans.

Mr. Schiff, I live in your district and now, because of this I am very very interested in your ability to do the correct things.

Correct is simple: NO on HR 5781

The Senate bill was not great but the House verion is terrible.  It is wrong, and your district cares a great deal about seeing how you deal with wrong things.

I will call in the morning.

Robert Smith


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