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by Dante Alighieri

Japan brings the 1st space rocks home

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An aquaintance took issue with my calling Japan a '*proven* Asteroid retrieval leader'.

Well, while Mr. Obama says one day we will learn to fly again, Japan completed the major step one.

Congratulations to them.  Seriously, what I write here is in NO WAY against that country at all.  I have nothing but respect for them on this.

But... You do know Japan, right? The country that invaded China for iron ore because they have no local natural resources of their own... and then wiped out the US/British Fleet at Pearl Harbor to keep getting that Chinese iron without our hinderance.  They still have no local resources... but they do have the proven tech to get as much as they want before anyone else.

A couple of years back, at a space doo at UC Boulder, I walked back to the hotel with a 20-something guy from Canada.  I recall clearly my saying that Japan is doing a great end-run around everyone with their focus on Asteroid landings.

That was the first time I'd exposed my thoughts about their doing it to get the golds in them thar rocks.  And I clearly remember his laughing and saying the olde line about how no one will go after stroid riches because doing it at an industrial level will tank the entire world economy.

That is one you hear all the time.  And I don't believe it.

Since that walktalk, the world economy has tanked pretty good.  Big changes happen and someone takes advantage of it and comes out a winner.

We are no longer on the gold standard, or a titanium standard or a platinum or helium3 standard.

Japan took on China, the United States and Britain.  They needed those resources and so they went after them.

When you are hungry this is how to do things.

I may be wrong but I don't remember hearing how Japan has started growing iron or gold since that war.  In fact, I believe that their export tech requires even more of this stuff than their economic base needed way back then.

This time they (or someone else with logical thinking) will be the first to get resources that can change the balance of power without having to kill lots of civilians and suffer atomic retaliation.

I may be stupid... but if Mr. Obama is serious at all about Asteroidal missions I hope that he and his can get to work on doing a better spin on it than they've done so far with everything else since the April NASA-future newsblast.  I know, Congress is really always in charge of the money but sometimes the XO - if he really wants to create jobs - can play to the people and get the committees moving. 

IAH, it would be nice if he and his could actually piss or get off the pot on this stuff at the basic level. Getting tired of seeing the man's face being related to space while we keep suffering such disgrace (oooh, that just came out all by itself).

"The re-entry was hailed in Japan, where the government's top spokesman, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku, said the spacecraft's travels had "given courage, dreams and hope to us".


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