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“Supposedly allegedly possibly maybe Earthlike planets 50 light years away? Following the water to microbes while ignoring living beings stuck here on Earth thanks to pure science funding with no hope for actual Human followups? Count me out.”

from McKay? Stop it already! by Smith

Facebook? Yes I have used it.

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Last fall my friend Kat told me that there was a WHCN alumni group on facebook that I just had to join.  I told her that  I'd coded against the fb api but never really saw the draw of being a user.

She called me an old fart and that was that.

Couple nights ago after mixing cold and hot sake I did a boogle for HCN and the group popped up.  I saw Kat's postings from last year, and Kim Alexander's and Dan Hayden's and Johnston Izzi's and got all nostalgic and joined and posted.

And hit some odd AJAX issues, strange false notifications of saves and sometimes being prompted for captchas and not other times then prompted again and even postback spinners of death.  Thinking it was just my IE8 I used Chrome... then Fox on my macblack.  Huh, still got them at inconsistant places.

I thought from all of the hype and age it would be more bullet proof.  Must be because I'm a noob as an end user, experienced users probably know how to avoid the little issues.  Obviously the testers know how to avoid them.

Whatever.  People like it.  I like coding my own to hone my skills.

To each thier own.  But now I've tried it as a user.  Was good research.  Thanks Kat, it will make my sites better.

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