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Kennedy Astronaut Encounter 2011-01-01 Jerry Carr

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One of the all-time most amazing reasons to visit the Kennedy Spaceflight Center is that on most days you can just walk in and sit down and hear - and speak WITH - actual legendary Astronauts. 

The sessions are done in a full AV auditorium where there are plenty of cameras... all turned off far as I can tell.

I've never seen anyone govt or private passing vids or auds around, so I recorded this and here it is for you.  If you want a higher quality version, let me know.

Kennedy Space Center Astronaut Encounter January 1st, 2011

Jerry Carr Skylab "4" (3rd crew).  If you've read A House In Space by Cooper then you know this guy was a fuggin pistol.  I was beyond proud to meet him.

Flash Video.

Carr Bio:

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