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“It is my understanding that NASA Headquarters recently lost hundreds of positions, and after those halls were emptied no one could remember what in the world all those people did.”

from Getting to Space by Dr. Jerry Pournelle

Kennedy Astronaut Encounter 2011-01-01 Jerry Carr

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One of the all-time most amazing reasons to visit the Kennedy Spaceflight Center is that on most days you can just walk in and sit down and hear - and speak WITH - actual legendary Astronauts. 

The sessions are done in a full AV auditorium where there are plenty of cameras... all turned off far as I can tell.

I've never seen anyone govt or private passing vids or auds around, so I recorded this and here it is for you.  If you want a higher quality version, let me know.

Kennedy Space Center Astronaut Encounter January 1st, 2011

Jerry Carr Skylab "4" (3rd crew).  If you've read A House In Space by Cooper then you know this guy was a fuggin pistol.  I was beyond proud to meet him.

Flash Video.

Carr Bio:

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