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Klink has my chess set


I like Chess.

I like Hogan's Heroes.

Whoda thunk the coolest Chess set I've ever seen would have been owned by Wilhelm Klink?


It's a Barleycorn variation, with a "Washington" Calvert style rook.  Can't find anything exactly like it anywhere.  But boy is this one quest worthy.


Supposedly the Barleycorn Calvert variations were very common from the 1800s to the mid 1900s and the Washington rooks go back to the 1700s and, well, General Washington... but darned if I can find this exact set with the tall knights, classic pin pawns and those etched rooks.  One or two of those features, sure, but not all three in the same set.  And that's got to be a five or even a six inch king.


See how the captured bishop over on the right of that picture leans?  So these are screwed onto the bases. Sweet.

Maybe this amazing set had been sitting in the prop department for decades left over from the background of some golden age Culver City production and it just seemed German-ish for the grab, so assuming they went out looking for a "real" German set from the 40s isn't going to help my search. 

Man though, ain't it nice? 

I've come to appreciate that red opposition pieces are so much easier to view quickly than blacks; even walnut or cherry browns or rosewoods don't have the instant clarity of true red pieces.  And Stauntons just don't jump out at me any more. Not that I'm going to go out and hock my cat's paws for a red pre-ban ivory set... at least, not until I find this absolutely exact one, anyway ;-).

Thanks a lot Klink!


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