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“Some critics of manned space flight on Capital Hill are said to be using their influence to hold down the amount of research on this subject [of Human-affecting radiation in Space]; this could be an indirect way of slowing the pace of flights to the moon and Mars.”

from Space Commerce, Materials Processing by Secretary of the Air Force, Dr. John L. McLucas

LA DotNet Developers Meetup Tech Trends

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Interesting Los Angeles Developers Meetup last night at Blank Spaces on Wilshire.

John Shiple of talking about Tech Trends and getting your business to be a business.

Shiple has experience.  So have a listen.   

Here it is in Flash audio, broken up into 10-ish minute chunks. (iPeople please use a 'puter or android. Jobs is dead but his emotional restrictions live on).


Part 1 of 11 

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Part 2 of 11 

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Part 3 of 11

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Part 4 of 11

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Part 5 of 11 

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Part 6 of 11 

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Part 7 of 11 

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Part 8 of 11

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Part 9 of 11 

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Part 10 of 11 (bit hard to hear, sorry, the recorder was near Shiple)

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Part 11 of 11 (bit hard to hear, sorry, the recorder was near Shiple) 

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