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“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.”
-Albert Einstein

MacroLife or Bust

Macro-Life was a term and concept presented by Dandridge Cole in the 1960s. He wrote of it in the big picture book 'Beyond Tomorrow' and the centerpiece classic of Asteroid, excuse me, *Planetoid* utilization 'Islands in Space' and did a direct point by simple point explanation in the two part article "Macro-Life" in the September and October 1961 issues of Space World Magazine.

Classically, Macro-Life is related to Isaac Asimov's "Multi Organismic Life"

In a nut, it goes something like... Hollow out a big space rock and spin it and create farms and industry and ... Life, for a small group of like minded driven individuals. As the population grows so too will the likelihood that some segments will no longer have the same views of the original team and, since the energy and resources of the asteroids - Planetoids, sorry - are not limited that will not be a big issue as the smaller group is able to create a new habitat where they can go try a culture that they feel has more potential. If their views differ slightly then that new home may end up nearby the first but if not then there is plenty of space for both to have elbow room and try their experiment without needing to bother the other.

It is pretty straight forward from a team member view. Where it becomes "Macro-Life" is in the view at a distance. There is a thing hanging in a void and over time another thing starts growing on its side, and then when it is a certain size it separates from the first and there are two. A wider field view shows now two... but wait, in time both of them now have little things growing on their sides. To hit a person over the head with it: Cell Division.

There are no Utopias so lng as Humans are Human but there are no longer new places on this planet where new ideas can be tested and allowed to fail or to prove themselves to be a little bit better than the ones so deeply entrenched.

On this planet.

George Zebrowski wrote an epic Atlas Shruggedian novel called Macrolife, it is very slow to get started but then takes it to the logical steps and it is interesting. If you can't deal with slow starting books the audio version is a big help (though the two readers sound very much alike and both seem to have been directed to have a nonstop pleading in their deliveries, a listener can get over that. The story is well worth the attempt)…/…/1591023416…/…/B0007DZSR0

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