Y'herd thisun? 

“Scientists at the Space Applications Centre (SAC), using data gathered from Chandrayaan-I's Terrain Mapping Camera and Hyper Spectral Imager (HySI) payloads, found a 1.2 km long buried, uncollapsed and near horizontal lava tube.

The scientists said the lava tubes offer a dust-free environment and adapting them for human use requires minimal construction.

The structure[s] also shields its occupants as after 6 meters depth, no effects of radiation due to or induced by galactic cosmic rays were observed in simulation, they said. "After less than one meter, no effects of radiation due to or induced by solar particle events are observable. Natural or induced radioactivity does not play a significant role in the lava tube exposures," the scientists said.”

from ISRO finds cave on moon; can be used as human outpost, Feb 24 2011 by Indian Defense News

NASA Human Bodies in Space Status Forum 2011

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Summer 2011 NASA Human Body In Space Status Forum.  Suits (a history lesson), Medical (solid information presented very well.. but nothing in the vein of breakthrough revelations), and Astronaut Experience. Plus Q&A..  And the status is?  You could take this and change the date to 2001 or even 1991 and probably even an expert would not see any difference.

Regarding Suits, was I the only one not laughing when it was said that 'those silly commercial guys are going to have to come to us when they start needing space suits'?  Maybe she was right, or maybe without the NASA someday-is-good-enough timescales and pension plans they will end up surprising you (again).

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