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“The business of making going up more accessable to more people is not lead by NASA, and the business of bringing viable commercial-volume loads down is not interesting to NASA.”

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Don't get political

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(thanks Laz, for helping me focus this out.  the subject is truly and sadly all about emotion)

We all try to live by the "Politics and Religion are not fit subjects for polite company." But sometimes you just gotsta. I live in California so I'm naturally lumped with a certain group.. having lived in western Washington, Boston, Upstate, Connecticut, Colorado and SEAsia have no bearing it seems on how a current Angelino is viewed.

But this isn't about groups.. it's about an oddness that now is more than odd. This morning Mr. Romney was in Virginia and again he mentioned Tesla Motors as a "loser" in the green area. When he did it in the debate it caught my ear but I figured he was making a mistake in the moment. But his doing it again today, after it was pretty well pointed out that Tesla is repaying the govt investment and putting out solid units, was just plain odd.

Folks who know me know that I am not a tree hugger. But when a company sets out to do something - especially something big-picture helpful against the normal accepted status quo patterns - and actually does it, don't they deserve to be taken off the loser list?

Romney was deep in Coal Country so I get the anti-"green' list, but including a working company, a working American Company, in it was wrong.  He could have done just as well by using the actual losers and forgetting to mention Tesla at all.  If you give it more thought and remember that Teslas are electric cars that use the grid, which is where COAL fits, than it seems even more bizarre! 

Am I wrong?

I'm scratchin' my head here.

Ok, guess I have to upset the dinner conversation after all.  Full disclosure:

I watch MSNBC and listen to Rush Limbaugh.  I am entertained and red-face angered by both almost equally. 

I have had positive feelings for Romney. Obama has seemed very disinterested in a number of areas and even though his having no interest at all in Space Policy has left the door open for commercial crew to flourish... it still was not because of his support, but because of his not paying attention. And if he leads by ignoring for one thing there is a big chance of it simply being his way. Plus, he pisses me off every time he comes to LA and makes traffic go backwards, and my being hassled by police when trying to get to my garage when he was visiting Clooney up the street really irked me ;-).

But aside from Romney having the sheen of a too-slick politician his running mate *really, really* scares me.  I can't shake it.  I was raised Evangelical Baptist singing Onward Christian Soliders. I still think Billy Graham was the absolute best orater I have ever seen (and I saw him three times, even paid my own money when I was in my 20s and already heavily into the Rock business), I know fully that the Leader of the Evangelical movement was a pure upright Man and I respected him a lot.  But once I spent some time farther away from my birthplace than anyone else in the congregation I started seeing the world a bit differently from the simple way it was presented in sunday school. Ryan reeks of the 17th century church magistrate that I was happy to leave behind in my sheltered childhood.

I guess I'm an "independant". The CS Lewis line about being orthodox or being useless be damned, I am willing to compromise but compromise doesn't seems to be on the table for either side the past few years... just a load of religious (GOD, PARTY, Oil vs Green, this vs that) "red lines".  So I'm stuck between bad choices again. At least the Electoral College system means that my vote really doesn't matter anyway.

Romney did well in the debate... not that the debate seemed to me so much a tidal wave win as everyone else believes. But his VP keeps me wary. Obama is tedious and not engaged and it seems that I have to finally admit that it does seem that Obama personally hates me because I am a White guy who never took welfare, who had the stupid idea that taking out a school loan would mean that I would have to actually pay it back and who worked hard even when it paid nothing, and then found that - just as the rules said it would - I ended up in a household making enough money to have a good neighborhood and pay the bills on time.  Obama/biden sees me, without seeing the days of true hunger and making due without, as a "rich guy" who needs to be punished for following the rules, for towing the line, for doing the steps it took to start my son off a little better than what I was born into not because it was easy but because it was hard.  I voted for Obama four years ago against my concern over Biden, this time it is no slam dunk.

But Romney/Ryan scares me more than Obama/biden frustrates me, because that's a devil I only know half of:  The half that I witnessed twice misrepresenting the correct-acting American company Tesla.

If he does that, after it being called to his attention as incorrect, with something I kind of know something about then what is he saying and trying to make me believe about things I don't happen to have experience with?

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