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“Thus far, radiation has not been a major problem for crews on the shuttle, whose maximum stay [prior to EDO - smith] has not exceeded 10 days. Skylab crews did not suffer ill effects from radiation even on the longest voyage of 84 days. And cosmonauts who have been in space for a full year have not shown evidence of damage from radiation. The radiation dosage received by astronauts (and cosmonauts) is routinely monitored”

from Space Commerce, Materials Processing by Secretary of the Air Force, Dr. John L. McLucas

NSS ISDC 2009: Buzz Aldrin Lunch Talk (video)

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In  a room full of senior Military, NASA and Politics industry professionals there are not that many people who can come out and say exactly what they think. This is audio of one of only two living human beings who can get away with it when it comes to Space.

Buzz Aldrin trumps everyone not only for his civilization-changing missions but also for his direct working experience in all of the industries. While we all think that we are special, this man is absolutely and 100% undeniably unique on our entire planet, over our entire history.

However, his message still has to get to Pennsylvania Avenue... which is the job of the non-Military/NASA/Politics industry people who were also in attendance.

The introduction is a very funny one, done by Richard Godwin, the president of Apogee Books.

I have full video of this event but haven't finished editing and transcoding it yet. This session generally is very good for audio-only. At about 3/4 of the way when Mr. Aldrin mentioned some specific future launch options there were a few slides but that section of the luncheon speech was relatively short and I urge you to just listen through it because it is followed by a good wrap.

Recorded at the NSS Florida Space Coast ISDC

see also audio verion, here

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