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“Thus far, radiation has not been a major problem for crews on the shuttle, whose maximum stay [prior to EDO - smith] has not exceeded 10 days. Skylab crews did not suffer ill effects from radiation even on the longest voyage of 84 days. And cosmonauts who have been in space for a full year have not shown evidence of damage from radiation. The radiation dosage received by astronauts (and cosmonauts) is routinely monitored”

from Space Commerce, Materials Processing by Secretary of the Air Force, Dr. John L. McLucas

The boy loves flight... and I couldn't sleep

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Two days before riding the 757 bus to Boulder for the 11th Mars Society convention, my boy and I took a real plane ride.

Zane loves the Boeing Museum of Flight ... or maybe he just knows that if he asks for a toy related to daddy's interests he'll be more likely to get it, and the Museum of Flight has a great big well stocked gift store :)

But for whatever reason we seem to end up on Boeing Field about every other week this summer. And after all of the times of seeing the classic plane rides being offered, I decided that we were just going to do it.

If you're planning a trip to Seattle the Museum is great and, take my advice, make part of your day at least one of the short rides in the Old Thyme Aviation biplanes.

Why?  Sittin' here in the hotel the night before the convention I noticed that I still had the videos on my cameras and because I couldn't sleep I fast-edited them down and made a quick Flash client for my Wowza back end; Nothin' fancy, in time I'll make the player prettier (maybe), but I hope you like the vid.

It was a bit tough to hold the cameras steady while also keeping a full arm around the boy so he wouldn't jump, but it's got the Space Needle, the Port, The Puget Sound, Mount Rainier...

... And if you get bored just skip up to 11:30 (click in the time bar, it's almost three quarters of the way)... there's a flyby that most customers don't get to see... it was somethin' special.

This is a Flash stream, please use a real computer.

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