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“If someone asks me the question “Why are you interested in space?” the only answer I can give is “Why aren’t you?””
-Jeff Greason, President of XCOR

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Pretty Helicopter over Ventura Boulevard


helicopter front

I don't know about other places these days but in LA it's getting so that it's now unusual to look up and NOT see at least one helicopter circling around.  Usually it's police but a lot of times it's radio and tv guys. 

It doesn't take long till your brain just tunes them out but if they're buzzing around close for a while they break through and you look up. 

I live off Ventura Boulevard so I think we get a tad more circlers due to the nightlife and shops so I'm immune to choppers more than most... but this one kept so close right over the house for so long that I had to look up and it was an odd puppy.  

Go ahead and click on that thumb for the full megapixels, you can kinda read the markings.  Looks like N324V to me.

Obama left town last week.  I didn't hear that neighbor Clooney had invited him back so I dunno what this was all about.  But when I took the second picture he was right over my house so I smiled and waved and he tipped for me... then took off and stopped his pattern. 

if the lookup is right he's out of Van Nuys up the road and the cameras could be for filiming, but darned if that paint job isn't odd for a movie crew.


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