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SeaLaunch Launches?

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Nice launch yesterday about 35 miles out from the LA coast, down near Catalina.  News orgs are running around now trying to figure out who did it.. as currently all military groups are saying that it wasn't them/us.  So.... who was it putting a medium "missile" up?

Well, let's see who is in the area:

SeaLaunch, the bankrupt former US floating launch facility out of Long Beach was given approval to become a Russian Energia company.The odd ruling was partly based on the "fact" that because their launches don't happen on 'foreign soil' they could be a Russian government company based here in the US.

Except for the fact that the first SeaLaunch launches are officially to be done from their Moscow based "LandLaunch" facility. (yeah, I know, this fact does fly in the face of the Congressional approval being based on their not doing land launches). In any case, SLV still says that it wasn't them.

Still no word, not even a mention of swamp gas and Venus.  I really don't know sometimes how America stays viable.

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