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Does the U.S. care that it has lost the major share?

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You may have noticed that one of our rotating quotes states that 'in 1974 the US had 100% of space transportation market share, but by 1995 it was down to 30%' (fyi: now it's reported a bit over 20%).

So what? 

So... this Bloomberg report from South Korea shows that along with the Brits starting their new space trans agency last month, more and more countries are out to get what our country just doesn't care about any more... and THEY are the ones willing to try stuff while the US only cares about regulating for some impossible "perfect safety" pipe dream.

Lets all hope that SpaceX and the non-rocket launch companies can get past the regulation crap and the people who want then dead simply to keep skim-scamming from tax dollars (NASA,  Air Force and their puppets like Kay Bailey Hutchinson) can be kept at bay.

There WILL be accidents along the way for SpaceX... and, god, I hope that when they occur some idiot in Washington doesn't pull another BS BP-esque moratorium deal to put another nail in our coffin.

Check that Bloomberg link above... here's the header:

"Seonjin Cha, June 10 (Bloomberg) -- South Korea failed in its second attempt to launch a research satellite into space using a domestically developed rocket, dealing a blow to the country’s ambition to snare a share of a $250 billion global market. .."

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