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“Revolution...has always been a favorite theme in science fiction. It's romantic, it's reliable, and -- as a rule -- it's as phony as a Martian princess. Who but Heinlein ever pointed out, as he does here in detail, that a modern revolution is big business?”

from Wikipedia on the story If This Goes On... by Damon Knight

Elon Musk 2008 Mars Society Video

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I knew I had a good video copy of this! 

2008 Mars Society Convention in Colorado, I was sitting there getting the audio and knew I had a video camera rolling too but darned if I couldn't find it for posting. 

There was one last box of assorted stuff being kicked around after the LA move and finally I got to the bottom of it... And found Elon Musk making a long ago clear path to what is only now getting mainstream, or even mainstream among Space Industry folks.

PLEASE get all the way through it to the questions, it starts as a current status report that may be a bit dry but it gets very very interesting.  Does current SpaceX work continue on the strategic path stated in 2008?

Flash Video

This is not my hand-held notes version, it's from  The man sits like a deadhead in the back of Mars Society and NSS sessions and just does his thing then offers the dvds for sale on the last days of the shows.  I clearly recall asking him if I could use it for a stream and he said so long as I gave him credit.  I give him great credit because it came out great.

Related:  I produced the Obama/McCain pre-election debate video for the Mars Society from the same conference ( on YouTube )... interesting how that session's content looks now in relation to where this video's projections ended up today.

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