Y'herd thisun? 

“Scientists at the Space Applications Centre (SAC), using data gathered from Chandrayaan-I's Terrain Mapping Camera and Hyper Spectral Imager (HySI) payloads, found a 1.2 km long buried, uncollapsed and near horizontal lava tube.

The scientists said the lava tubes offer a dust-free environment and adapting them for human use requires minimal construction.

The structure[s] also shields its occupants as after 6 meters depth, no effects of radiation due to or induced by galactic cosmic rays were observed in simulation, they said. "After less than one meter, no effects of radiation due to or induced by solar particle events are observable. Natural or induced radioactivity does not play a significant role in the lava tube exposures," the scientists said.”

from ISRO finds cave on moon; can be used as human outpost, Feb 24 2011 by Indian Defense News

Alive Yes, Putting my money where my mouth is

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K.  I have seen the texts and emails.  Got it.  It is thought that a blog is about posting.  Got that too.  But this isn't a "blog", it was started several years before that ugly term went viral.  This is a web site, made from the ground up by me to test out how a web site is made from the ground up.  A "blog" [ick and ewww] is a tool that people who don't know how to code and script use to promote themselves.  Some are great, many are vanity plates.

And don't get me started on Facebook.

I don't want this to be a vanity plate. 

I put stuff here that I need to remember so I can go back and find it when I forget. Though sometimes when the whiskey hits me just right I guess I do use this as a place to vent or pontificate, there's no need to remember my foibles.

But if you really truly use this to figure out where I am (which makes me feel rather odd) then I guess I am honored... and feeling odd. 

So here's the reason it's been nearly a year since anything has gone up here:  I'm busy working on what the last post eluded to.  Putting a bit of my money and a whole heck of a lot of my time and effort into a project that I think is as good a thing as any to help make Tomorrowland - the concept of a place that is a little better than what's around us at the moment - get closer.

My choice was helping The Space Studies Institute (  It has been completely mind blowing.  I had some idea of what this organization was but I thought it was a big "WAS" and I was wrong.  Because SSI doesn't lobby and isn't into the scare tactics of some other groups out there it seemed to be a dead thing.

It is not.

It just has a different tack, because it truly has a different purpose.

Go take a lookLook deep

That's where I've been. 

happy birthday!

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