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Don't get political


We all try to live by the "Politics and Religion are not fit subjects for polite company."  But sometimes you just gotsta.  I live in California so I'm naturally lumped with a certain group.. having lived in western Washington, Boston, Upstate,  Connecticut, Colorado and SEAsia have no bearing it seems on how a current Angelino is viewed. 

But this isn't about groups.. it's about an oddness that now is more than odd.  This morning Mr. Romney was in Virginia and again he mentioned Tesla Motors as a "loser" in the "green" area.  When he did it in the debate it caught my ear but I figured he was making a mistake in the moment. His doing it again today, after it was pretty well pointed out that Tesla is repaying the govt investment and putting out solid units, was just plain odd.

...And Dragon Down!


What is your story of today?

My son had the day off from school so we killed the day at Disney.  Just as the SpaceX Dragon was successfully splashing down we were starting down the internal "space station" stairs in Space Mountain.  I was streaming the news and got about 20 messages all at once.

I squatted down and looked the six year old in the eye and said "When I was your age I was sure that when I grew up places like this - in Space - would be real.  You remember this moment, Zaner, because right now a few hundred miles from here that Elon Musk guy did what the big fat slow companies couldn't do in 40 years with billions and billions of dollars.  When you are my age, your world will be different.  Real Space for regular people is finally happening."


Just sent this email to Adam Schiff


SpaceX sent out the word in July and normal folks took it seriously - HR5781 was postponed.  Tonight I received a mail from The Space Frontier Foundation that the House bil is on deck for tomorrow.  I sent this email to my congressman... will you please contact your representative?  Trust me, it is painless and you don't have to go into the details you see here... just tell them NO on HR 5781.


Human Spaceflight Forum August 23rd 2010


The state of Human Spaceflight in the United States of America is not good.  And the speakers at the Human Spaceflight Forum at the Columbia Memorial Space Center did not sugar coat or avoid that fact.

They meet it head on, that is their jobs.  They are as frustrated as everyone else, but better than everyone else they have real knowledge that I think you will be better off hearing than just living on NASA PR.

I hope that at some point you can start it from the beginning and listen all the way through, there will be a number of moments that are real eye-opening.  But if you can't do that right now then at least jump up to the beginning of Dr. Zubrin's part (about 11 minutes in),

Sorry iPad folks, this is Flash multimedia.  It is the king of the web so please use a real computer or Android or WinMo/Skyfire device.

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