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Space and the regular Joe mind KFI Los Angeles


There're a lot of sticks in Los Angeles but eventually every English speaking listener over 30 spends some quarter hours with Bill Handel on KFI. 

Driving home this morning Handel teased a fluff on the SpaceX fin test and I got in the door just in time to switch on the recorder... nice piece.  Elon's team has the von Braun public face momentum well rolling.

Have an mp3 listen by clicking right here.

E3 2014 Gamespot All Hail Monolith


I'n not a big fan of pages just listing links but....

Gamespot did their biggies of E3 2014 and I'm full of pride for the great folks at Monolith!  Shadow of Mordor *is* awesome!

And for Heinlein fen, take a gander at No Man's Sky.  Please God, make it release the way they envision it.

Pretty Helicopter over Ventura Boulevard


I don't know about other places these days but in LA it's getting so that it's now unusual to look up and NOT see at least one helicopter circling around.  

I live off Ventura Boulevard so I think we get a tad more circlers so I'm immune to choppers more than most... but this one kept so close right over the house for so long that I had to look up and it was an odd puppy. 

side view helicopter

Yes, thank you, it was a very nice birthday


I'm a terrible person.  I make my living teaching machines to keep track of minutia but I never remember anyone else's birthdays.  Guess it's like being able to spot the best mechanic by looking for the guy in the most beat up car in the dealer lot.

In any case, I thank the long-time budds who wished me a happy and yes it was.

The feeling of Mojave


It was two of those moments that make your head start playing the Police's Synchronicity Part 1.

I was up having lunch at Mojave Air/Spaceport last week and I realized that I love that place. It's not just that the food at the Voyager is better than most anything closeby Hawthorne Airport, it's just something about the feel of big desert and big sky and that no matter which way you look there are regular cool folks working on making the biggest dreams come true. The place, and some of the people walking in off the runway, has the slight smell of grease and effort like my Dad's old shop where he moonlit his giant lathes on projects for PrattWhitney. It's not Silicon Valley branding and slick... it's banging tin.

It just feels "right."

And this time my internal pattern-matcher found it even more "falling into place" because...

Don't get political


We all try to live by the "Politics and Religion are not fit subjects for polite company."  But sometimes you just gotsta.  I live in California so I'm naturally lumped with a certain group.. having lived in western Washington, Boston, Upstate,  Connecticut, Colorado and SEAsia have no bearing it seems on how a current Angelino is viewed. 

But this isn't about groups.. it's about an oddness that now is more than odd.  This morning Mr. Romney was in Virginia and again he mentioned Tesla Motors as a "loser" in the "green" area.  When he did it in the debate it caught my ear but I figured he was making a mistake in the moment. His doing it again today, after it was pretty well pointed out that Tesla is repaying the govt investment and putting out solid units, was just plain odd.

Shuttle just went over the house


Endeavor just flew over my house.  Didn't think to get the camera in time, I heard it and ran out and there it was. 

Pride.  Sadness.  Bill Carrol on KFI is now saying that it is over the Griffith. 

Not as happy a moment as the day Discovery landed as an actual Space Craft.

Armstrong, soul weak


Yeah, I know. Just got back from a quick in and out thing. Before that it was already a load of 'Ughh.'

I was on Catalina when I got the word about Mr. Armstrong, what with seeing the Buzzman all over the place still full of power and energy enough to kick anyone's ass, the passing of Mr. Neil was a fast shock... followed by a major big picture downer. Those who went are getting few and soon it really will be like the man said 'The flat-earth people swear we never went, but even though we did they may win the war of minds because unless humans can go back again there is no proof and little real value in the truth."

The night of the news I was walking down the Avalon main street ...

LA DotNet Developers Meetup Tech Trends


Interesting Los Angeles Developers Meetup at Blank Spaces on Wilshire. John Shiple of talking about Tech Trends and getting your business to be a business.

Here it is in Flash audio. (iPeople please use a 'puter or android. Jobs is dead but his restrictions on you live on)



Pics of Goldstone DSN dishes

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