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E3 2014 Gamespot All Hail Monolith


I'n not a big fan of pages just listing links but....

Gamespot did their biggies of E3 2014 and I'm full of pride for the great folks at Monolith!  Shadow of Mordor *is* awesome!

And for Heinlein fen, take a gander at No Man's Sky.  Please God, make it release the way they envision it.

Yes, thank you, it was a very nice birthday


I'm a terrible person.  I make my living teaching machines to keep track of minutia but I never remember anyone else's birthdays.  Guess it's like being able to spot the best mechanic by looking for the guy in the most beat up car in the dealer lot.

In any case, I thank the long-time budds who wished me a happy and yes it was.

San Diego Air & Space Museum


We headed down to San Diego last weekend for our first trip to the Wild Animal Safari Park and also spent some time at the Air & Space Museum in Balboa Park. It was our second visit to the museum and, again, it was great.

They currently have the NASA Journey to Our Future exhibit and if you haven't seen it in your town yet, you should go for it. It's a lot of fun and unlike a lot of travelling shows the parts and pieces are still in great shape.

I wish it weren't such a haul from LA, because this year they have a kids summer program that looks awesome.

For the fam, here're a few phonepics...

King Kong 3d and The Eureka Airship at Universal


Sammie had Peter Jackson on the brain all last week and so when Universal sent me a freebie we grabbed the two annuals and took the Zaner to check out the new King Kong 3d part of the Studio Tour.

Worth it?  Yeah, definitely.  I would have paid the no-lines rate for it.

Oh.. as we were leaving I looked up and saw the Airship Ventures Zeppelin!

Big shuttle boomers!


Today, September 11th 2009, at almost 6 in the afternoon, the Space Shuttle Discovery had to land up at Edwards Air Force Base. Earlier in the day I'd heard a casual mention on the radio that we'd be hearing the dual sonic booms in the LA area at around 5:45... but I had no idea just how loud they would be!

Before heading out to pick up my son at kindergarten I put my two mini recorders on the ledge of my office balcony, just hoping that they might pick up something.

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