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WROX Professional ASP.Net MVC3 review


Wow.  If this is what a "Professional" is now expected to know, I'm sad for .Net.



featured in Mike Gunderloy's Sybex Press book ADO AND ADO.NET Programming"

If you're a big iron RDBMS coder, consider that dynamically created Jet files as middleware have come in very handy for lots of folks using Oracle and SQLServer in the enterprise, so this is not just a power for those using Jet as a core source.

Years ago we noticed that we were spending more time writing DAO object code than working with data. So we took an afternoon and wrote the first DBCodeCreator. It saved us lot of time and other devs seemed to like it so we started giving it away on the sitelett.

DataLink tips


I find it interesting how many folks have never heard of Datalink files or only know of them as part of the VisualStudio wizards.

A data link is nothing more than a file-based connection like a file-based DSN; what's more making a data link is as easy as right-clicking on your desktop, choosing to create a new text file then changing the file's extension from .txt to .udl. Voila, power!

I was not at first a fan of using UDLs. But...

Database (or any file) security trick


by Smith, published as Tip of the Month in May 1999 Access/VB Advisor Magazine

Rename your mdbs

If you're coding against Jet files for release (retail or corporate) you should be using some form of security to protect your data and your database structure. 

Many coders just give up on the difficulty of implementing Access security via VB and release with no locks at all.  This is silly.

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