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EIGHT IN ONE is still great fun ;-)

Summary: review of Spinnaker Eight In One Integrated Office Suite for DOS.  (Yes, for DOS!)...

... This suite was my best friend back when I had a 286 at home and my work was all IBM-XT. The Database applet does xBase files compatible with dBaseIII+ so I could compile the WHCN Top 1006 Countdowns and catalog all of the carts, DATs and 15inch reels in the legendary radio station "Basement Tape" collection and just carry a 5.25 inch floppy between home and work to tweak the data. Also, the WordPerfect/MS-Word5 style Word Processor links up to the DBFs so mail merging was a snap ... IN DOS 3x, no less.

... It makes my HP200lx DOS 5.0 palmtop even better. And the manual is just plain stunning compared to the manuals written over the past several years. There is something to be said about the days when software couldn't be updated instantly over the internet... they put full effort into making things rock solid BEFORE SHIPPING.


Facebook? Yes I have used it.


Last fall my friend Kat told me that there was a WHCN alumni group on facebook that I just had to join.  I told her that  I'd coded against the fb api but never really saw the draw of being a user.

She called me an old fart and that was that.

Couple nights ago after mixing cold and hot sake I did a boogle for HCN and the group popped up.  I saw Kat's postings from last year, and Kim Alexander's and Dan Hayden's and Johnston Izzi's and got all nostalgic and joined and posted.

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