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Yeah yeah Windows Surface and smithvids


Time was when I was all about being a year ahead of the Redmond releases.  Time isn't that way any more for me.  Got a bit tired of the growing restrictions.  Call me an old guy but it just ain't Bill's Redmond anymore and the heaps of heaps on top of heaps isn't the "You can do what *you* want on Microsoft" that made me leave the IBM fen DOSes ago.

MS sent a gift surface unit and I really love the thing for looks, LOVE the keyboard to death (and I am a Unicomp user).  BUT, RT kills flash for the little guy and that I hate.  Hate.

This site is 100% hand coded using .Net power (not .Net-playtime abstractions) but for Vids and Audio it is a real paid-for Wowza server and my own SWFs.  Till I get done with my current work and can get in and recode for the lesser power of HTML5, here's how to get Flash if you are on RT.

Is it really that hard?


I was about to toss my eWeek into the recycling and the pages flipped open and my eye caught a sentence in the review of the GalTab and Dreak:

"Unlike Apple's iOS with the company's comparatively easy access to FaceTime video conferencing, Android users will likely need to wait until 3rd party developers start exploiting the hardware for their own video apps"

It was a Jerry-Sees-GratefulDead-In-The-Dictionary moment.

Yeah, eWeek is another iLoveJobs rag and like them all it will ignore anything good unless it came from 'Tino but this one seemed way over the top.  But then I thought about it.. there really aren't that many apps out ther taking advantage of the video hardware and if that continues then Android FFCs will likely stop being part of the spec.

But is this because devs are stupid or that the platform is harder than iOS?  As to the former, sure ;-), but definitely not the latter...


VB.Next or bust?


Why does this silliness continue?

Aren't we the smart ones, we technical people?

Jeff Richter is one of the most respected VC++ people in the world, he says the rote line 'All languages are equal' but he also says that 'C# is the better tool'. He said that flat out to me over dinner at a WinDev. Human. He has his followers who hear only the part they want to hear to make themselves feel special. Human.

Founder of APress and Desaware, Dan Appleman is an older C++ veteran, I believe that he has a bit more real-world experience with a lot of different tools than most of us have (including Mr. Richter). And after some analysis he says about the bits and bytes "There is no difference at all"

We don't care? Not so...


We got a few emails over our saying that "users really don't care that much about speed any more" when we were making points for Flash development.

In context we stand by the statement.

Don't get us wrong, we've loved ASP.Net since before the betas, it's a natural and intuitive technology for a long-time VB person. However, ASP.Net is just what its name implies, it is a Serverside technology. If speed were the absolute measure of a good end-user application then so many developers wouldn't be drag & dropping so many ASP.Net controls on so many pages and calling the job "Done", letting every single control postback to the server and roundtrip 99% unchanged information - and worse, hitting a database with each trip for nothing ...

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