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WHCN Archives: Iggy Pop vs Jim Shanahan


One of the most hit pages on the smithvoice sitelett is the last radio interview with Lowell George from my WHCN archives.  Where that was stirring... this is ... I don't know how you'd describe this :-).

Iggy Pop was definitely doing his role, but boy you gotta feel for poor Jim Shanahan and give him credit for keeping it together.  I would have "lost the caller" way before the end of the slot.

(flash based audio)

WHCN Dheadzone May 31st 1986


I was just up here coding and my old good buddy Adam Adzhead Baby Booch Robucci, king of the midgets, popped in my head.  And I reached over and did something I haven't done in decades... I dug out an HCN Dheadzone cassette and turned it on to hear the dudes.

Yo Jimmy Koplik and Dennis McNally:  If you feel like sending me a C&D I understand, but please remember that you once let me and the station be with the show and the tunage, ok? 

And Adam?  Fock, man.  I still can't believe how great you turned out but you always were the ultimate scammer and that took brains :-).  My code will never be as cool as yours, and you're missed

Lowell George: The last interview


I know I have a cleaner copy of this somewhere but till I find it, this is still one of the greatest things a classic rock fan could hope to hear. It's Lowell George's last radio interview, wonderfully done by Ed O'Connell on WHCN on June 22nd, 1979 before George did his show at the Hard Rock Cafe in West Hartford.

Just seven days later Lowell George was found dead of a heart attack in his hotel after a gig down in in D.C..

You *do* want to hear this one even with my first-found copy's slight phasiness. But don't tell any of the surviving members of Little Feat that it's here, they HATE what Lowell says about their parts of the Little Feat breakup... truth hurts, and this is a big Ouch for them.

Picozzi & Triest Mornings 1978


Quite a bit different from today's idea of hot AOR mornings, this goes back to the days Michael was up against Stern at 'CCC (and when Mr. P had overnighter Bob Bittens recording Stern to get him out of town... which worked by the way).   Chip Triest later became one of the coolest AEs I'd ever worked with.. I remember him trying to teach me that money was not a bad thing, took me a long time to figure out that he was right.


The H-Team final composite


Paul Harris, Gary Lee Horn, Mr. T, Ghandi, Carl Sagan, Victor Herena, Cabbage Patch Kid in a blender, Asylum Hill Streeet Blues, Mr. T, Tom Carvel, Bang the Drum All Day, Return of the Rabbi, Brain (hearing that character got me laughing again), Mr. T, Martha... and on and on.

If you remember the 80's this will be a lot like watching Family Guy... and if you don't remember the 80's then it will also be like watching Family Guy, but maybe a bit less funny ;-).

Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickenson playin HCN Morning Jock


It started being a common thing in the early 90's, rock artists would go into radio stations and "take over as jocks". But one of the first big times it happened in America, and, importantly, where the artist actually did a real show live, was on HCN in 1988.

Here's a partial (maybe I'll find the whole thing eventually) of Bruce Dickenson the morning after Iron Maiden played the Hartford Civic Center in July 1988.

Picozzi and the Horn in their prime


Of the hundreds of Picozzi & The Horn airchecks it was part of one of my station olden gigs to edit and archive, this is one that I'm really glad I saved with a special note. It was marked "P&H Pretty hot" and was recorded April 24th 1990.

Mentions of Kat Sinclair's Next Big Thing, The Lich, Marching Weathermen, 60 Seconds, Nedsky, Paul McCartney's New Haven pullout controversy, Van Halen's brand new Cabo bar grand opening call-in... Oh, and it being the day that the Hubble Space Telescope was launched there are several mentions of that plus at around 40:00 you'll hear the ABC news Discovery/Hubble launch report.

Radio stuff found in the move


Boyo, we all sure accumulate a lot of stuff over the eras. Several moves ago I finally let go of the refrigerator sized Sony pro reel deck that WHCN gave me for my home-work in the late 1980's. Moves since have seen the eventual diminishing of the extra-bedroomful of 15inch reels themselves, but for decades my packrattiness just could not part with the mass of cassettes and DATs from the days of local AOR being a god.

As time goes the list below will grow. Some of most of it will be total shit to anyone but me, some or most of it will be total shit these days even to me. But if you did Rock Radio or the mighty WHCN back in the the heyday of American hot-promotional AOR, then maybe some of it will just be kinda neat for ya.

For me, what it's all about


There are two things I've sworn by in my years in Radio, Claude Hopkins' 1927 book "My Life in Advertising" which defined direct marketing, audience research and 'Positioning' decades before computers were invented and Reis & Trout were born ... and the words below.

I received this as part of a ragged xerox & staples handbook of wisdom from Tom Kelly, my first P.D., way back too far at WSPR-AM Springfield, MA.

I keep the original two pages of these words in a frame. They're yellowed. A few of the letters droop as whoever typed the leaflet did it years before word processors. Now I put 'em here.

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