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smartly done, once again.

good job SpaceX.

Grow Your Hair For Space


Over the years, as every new NASA budget fiasco has loomed, a memory has popped into my head. Back in the fearful Sputnik days American school children sent their personal pennies to the NASA offices with handwritten notes of support.

It's brought up in documentaries as an example of the blind faith of the Space Age and the power of the simple children.

Seems someone else has been pestered by it and, more than me, is actually taking it as a possible stunt that could work again. Click here for the NASA Bake Sale story.

More power to them.. but I wonder if it's better that we finally have a President who isn't afraid to admit that he has no personal love for continuing the BoeHeed money pit and his disinterest has given SPACE it first positive change in generations.


Getting into Space... where to start?


I recently met a mother of a young Space kid.  He's a great young man, has done SpaceCamp and visited SpaceX and has the bug.  I sent her this note about my impression of active periodicals and thought that in case there were others who knew of smart kids, or anyone looking for a good item to donate to school libraries, it might be of some help...



Elon Musk gets the last word


Last week's Space News Profile was on Elon Musk.  In case you don't read Space News, the Profile is the last page of the edition where a bunch of one-liner questions are fired at the target. 

SpaceX is the golden company and the olden companies (and thus the major money to Space News) are not very happy.  There was snide in the questions... but the angle was clear to readers in the very first intro sentence. 

It being a Profile segment, it had restrictions on the "guest".

I was wondering though, well before the end of the piece, when Musk would take the next correct step.  This evening it came to all SpaceX email subscribers...


Reopening the Space Frontier by John Hickman, the Amazon Review


[This is the 1st Amazon Review for the Nov 2010 book "Reopening the Space Frontier" by John Hickman]

If you personally have emotions over Space, specifically *Human* Spaceflight, then read this and take some time off to let it sink in before you do the next assault on Washington.

It will slap you directly in the face. The slaps will hurt.

The book takes every single positive that has ever been used as a bulletpoint for Human Spaceflight and rips each one apart.



National Research Council 2002 Ten Year Plan for Mars "Exploration"


Still looking for detailed information on the results of the MARIE experiment, called recently in BIS Spaceflight the "first experiment sent to Mars specifically to prepare for human missions".

The other night I finished reading the 2002 NRC "Assessment of Mars Science and Mission Priorities", 105 pages with 12 chapters detailing in our standard "turning gold into lead" style all of the things we have done and all of the things we will do in our "Mars Exploration Program".

In all of that, there was one (1, O-N-E) sentence on Odyssey's MARIE.  And if you think that was a low number... guess the count in the entire text of the word "Human".  I'll give you a hint:...



...And Dragon Down!


What is your story of today?

My son had the day off from school so we killed the day at Disney.  Just as the SpaceX Dragon was successfully splashing down we were starting down the internal "space station" stairs in Space Mountain.  I was streaming the news and got about 20 messages all at once.

I squatted down and looked the six year old in the eye and said "When I was your age I was sure that when I grew up places like this - in Space - would be real.  You remember this moment, Zaner, because right now a few hundred miles from here that Elon Musk guy did what the big fat slow companies couldn't do in 40 years with billions and billions of dollars.  When you are my age, your world will be different.  Real Space for regular people is finally happening."


Dragon up there


A few days ago SpaceX became the first ever commercial company allowed by the FAA to return a craft from space.

A few minutes ago came the tweet: "Beautiful launch! Dragon is in orbit"

COTS... may the old guard be guarded from creating any odd "accidents" for this important program.


Just sent this email to Adam Schiff


SpaceX sent out the word in July and normal folks took it seriously - HR5781 was postponed.  Tonight I received a mail from The Space Frontier Foundation that the House bil is on deck for tomorrow.  I sent this email to my congressman... will you please contact your representative?  Trust me, it is painless and you don't have to go into the details you see here... just tell them NO on HR 5781.


Does the U.S. care that it has lost the major share?


You may have noticed one of our rotating quotes which states that 'in 1974 the US had 100% of space transportation market share, but by 1995 it was down to 30%'  (and now it's reported a bit over 20%).

So what?  The 250 Billion dollar global market is what.

So... this report from South Korea shows that along with the Brits starting their new space trans agency last month, more and more countries are out to get what our country just doesn't care about any more... and THEY are the ones willing to try stuff while the US only cares about regulating for some impossible "perfect safety" pipe dream.

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