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Radio stuff found in the move


Boyo, we all sure accumulate a lot of stuff over the eras. Several moves ago I finally let go of the refrigerator sized Sony pro reel deck that WHCN gave me for my home-work in the late 1980's. Moves since have seen the eventual diminishing of the extra-bedroomful of 15inch reels themselves, but for decades my packrattiness just could not part with the mass of cassettes and DATs from the days of local AOR being a god.

As time goes the list below will grow. Some of most of it will be total shit to anyone but me, some or most of it will be total shit these days even to me. But if you did Rock Radio or the mighty WHCN back in the the heyday of American hot-promotional AOR, then maybe some of it will just be kinda neat for ya.

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