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Time Travel is Impossible

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Time Travel is Impossible. That's what they say now ...

Australian Broadcasting System News (

Fox News ( )

Daily Mail UK  (


... and that's apparently what they'll say in 100 years...


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...And it seems that they will really be believing it...  


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... but a hundred years after that adamant dogma from the respected scientists, another Star Trek ship will do something accidental...

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I know, it's just Star Trek :), reality does not follow fiction.  And no, I'm not going to mention Jules Verne's submarine that used "electric" power quite a few years before our Nuclear Navy, or the fictional first flight to the moon of three humans wherein the same proud Frenchman from the 19th century chose the odd south Florida location for launch. 

And I am definitely not going to say that there is any even slight similarity in appearance or general philosophical or outward-demeanor between the fictional Vulcan species and folks local to our Asian regions.  (My time living in Asia was one of the best periods in my life and I've so far never met a single person there or elsewhere who was all that different from pretty much any other human from any other region of our world.) 

Seriously.  Star Trek is not reality, I get it :).  After all, Kirk had to repair his time travel damage because his history showed it would impact a Human Saturn mission coming just one generation later - while here in the real world that generation is all grey and dying off with no hope for Human travels beyond the top of our atmosphere in any foreseeable future ;-(.

However I also get that so many many times over the decades and even centuries we have heard cut and dried, black and white statements from various scientists which, over time, have become almost funny in their hindsight-viewed naivete.

The fictional Captain Archer of the Star Trek Enterprise series is often an embarrassing idiot representative of humanity.  But on this particular closed-door subject, I gotta say I like his attitude...


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credits:  Star Trek Enterprise episodes "Cold War" and "Shockwave Part 1", Star Trek the original series episode "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"... buy the dvds.  Enterprise is actually a good show if you follow two important rules: 1) Start with episode 1 and watch them in order, 2) Most important of all, skip past that terrible stadium rock theme song ;-).


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