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Today was a good day

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Zane, just so you know, is a big big fan of Saturn. I know, most all kids love the pretty rings but Zane is mine and so to me it is special ;-).  He draws and paints the planet and never forgets the hexagon on the pole.  He talks of seeing it with his own eyes... says that he wants to go there and paint the perfect picture because Artists, he says, should go to space too.

Tonight we came home from his school open house and he noticed a big "star" over the house, he said that it was gold and he ran inside and grabbed a little refractor that he'd gotten for his birthday.  I said, it's a bright star but it doesn't look gold to me.  We found it in the scope and it was still just a dot.  So he begged me to get the reflector and.. though it was past his bedtime and I needed him to get to bed so that I could be rested for an early Microsoft training thing .. I went and dug it out of the closet.  Laying on the driveway to set the angle I looked up and Zane was wringing his hands in excitement.  We got the dot dialed in and sure enough it really did look deep gold.  I pulled out my phone and pointed google skymaps and whadyaknow.. it was Saturn.  Zane jumped in the air, hands pushed up into the sky and yelled "IT"S SATURN!  I KNEW IT!"  It was his first time and I was there with him for it.   

This afternoon's mail included a package, an autographed copy of Ed Buckbee's 50 Years of Rockets and Spaceflight, the Marshall Space Flight Center history.  I knew the Mr. Buckbee would sign it (I'd asked him to) but it still made me very proud to read the big sharpie words "ROBERT, KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!"  I wrote him a quick email to thank him and let him know that I was looking forward to starting into it this evening.  Zane had a beta test thing at WB between school and his open house so I brought the book and the new edition of Space News along in case there was nothing for me to do; there wasn't so after laughing at Elon Musk's good answers to the not-very-impartial questions I cracked open the book.  It was great, personal stories of the legendary von Braun Rocket Team (German and American) from the very beginning of the center.  I only stopped at page 50 because we really had to get his mama out of the office for food before the open house. 

After Zane finally went to bed, after proudly telling and re-telling me all about how he just KNEW that it was Saturn above the house, I broke my rule of reading books from start to finish and randomly read a bunch of the "Team member memories" ... every one of them was like listening to proud, honest, hard working person letting me in on a very special moment in their life. 

It was a good day.

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