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King Kong 3d and The Eureka Airship at Universal

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Sammie had Peter Jackson on the brain all last week and so when Universal sent me a freebie we grabbed the two annuals and took the Zaner to check out the new King Kong 3d part of the Studio Tour.

I hadn't been on the tour in several years and, along with King Kong, there were some significant changes.  Like, now they don't even mention that the little dip in the brook that you go over at one point is the place where they filmed the Red Sea effects in The Ten Commandments... kinda wierd, that, but the place is just a second away from the tank and miniature used to film the boat near Skull Island so it does flow better into the King Kong pull of the tour now.

Another thing that was different is that the 1313 Mocking Bird Lane Munsters house has been repainted, as has the house two doors down which was used as the sorority building in Animal House (ba-bump, ba-bump ba-bump went John Belushi's ladder) and right across the street the Leave it to Beaver house is back in action.  All of these quaint houses on the fake culdesac are now the neighborhood of Desperate Housewives.  Yes, of course I've heard of it... never seen it, but I have heard of it. And I guess I'm in the minority of folks who actually recognized the houses for their older uses, because the trams were filled with oohing and ahhing and talk of actors whom I've never heard of :).

Then came the King Kong 3D experience and, honestly, it was good.  I only have one eye, so when something is 3d I'm usually not the go-to person for a review :), but I watched Zane and Sam ducking and jumping and the family in the seats behind us were all screaming so I got the clear indication that the 3d worked really well.  If you can't see 3d, I will tell you that you can also do the tour because unlike most 3d movies where you have to wear the glasses or see just blurry double images, this one was pretty clear to me (if obviously flat) without glasses.  Interesting.

Worth it?  Yeah, definitely.  I would have paid the no-lines rate for it.

Oh.. as we were leaving I looked up and saw the Airship Ventures Zeppelin!

That reminded me that I never scoped down the videos of the Eureka ride that Zaner and I took over Long Beach last fall.  I grabbed the Everio and flipped through the vids and there it was from launch to exit, Queen Mary to SeaLaunch ship and Zane's great conversation with the pilot.

I'll edit that soon and get it up to the public side.  Till then here's a phone vid from today (no. it's not me yelling at the end,it's a guy yelling at me to get out of the gate ;-) ):

Click here to play


King Kong was well worth the money but being on a real Zeppelin rigid airship from the days of the movie's setting is the ride of a lifetime.

One more pic... looks like the Eureka is moored to the post, doesn't it? :)

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