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Radio stuff found in the move

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The magical WHCN World Headquarters on Asylum Hill. My home in a very real sense back in its kill-all-competitors-then-kill-them-some-more days. That's my Pontiac T1000 so it must be around 1983, an early morning after workin' a snowy New England all nighter.

Boyo, we all sure accumulate a lot of stuff over the eras. Several moves ago I finally let go of the refrigerator sized Sony pro reel deck that WHCN gave me for my home-work in the late 1980's. Moves since have seen the eventual diminishing of the extra-bedroomful of 15inch reels themselves, but for decades my packrattiness just could not part with the mass of cassettes and DATs from the days of local AOR being a god.

This time around though, in trying to organize my office in the rental that's smaller than the house up in Seattle I figured some of it could be transferred to listenable digital, if only to reduce the amount of exercise I'll have to get when we move back north :).

As time goes the list below will grow. Some of most of it will be total shit to anyone but me, some or most of it will be total shit these days even to me. But if you did Rock Radio or the mighty WHCN back in the the heyday of American hot-promotional AOR, then maybe some of it will just be kinda neat for ya.

As I work on stuff up here in the office, I'll lazily A>D more of the tapes in no particular order and post them, so check back if you dare.

Note on the airchecks: If you don't know Radio BTS I'll mention that the "whoooeeep!" noises are due to station airchecks being recorded back then on cassette machines. The decks would unpause themselves every time the main jock's microphone was turned on and so as the deck spun up or down the analog audio made that sound. I see no need to go in and replace the spinups with tones... the whooeeeps, for us old jocks, are part of the memory of being on the air.



-1) Why does this now-gone station still have such hold on so many of us?


And also because many of us have realities like these...

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HCN RockYear 1970 prod aired Jan 21 1989

Ooo-kay, I've remember now why I've been carting these tapes around for decades and not copying them off for listening. I thought my voice was pretty good back then, I knew that I was a Mickey Mouse when I started on AM but after a few years on The Rock I really thought I'd trained to sound better. Yukola, and yet people hired me.. go figure.

Here's the set of breakers used in the 1970 day of the 220 hour "HCN RockYears" feature to commemorate the station's 20th birthday. If my VO really sucks then at least I can say that all of the content had to be found by many means including tracking down old jocks who sometimes had no happy feelings at first and who had to be worked hard to get them in and on tape, andor - harder - find and go through lots of original air and prod audio from the lost years. Then all of those hours of audio had to be gleaned down to bites and the intros and outros had to be written and then each had to be produced for insertion into the live flow of each week's ten hour feature. That's all got to be worth something, right?

In this set you'll find out a lot of cool insider stuff about the 1970 Progressive Radio done by loving hippies, plus unusual stories from and about the artists of the year. Put up with the wrap delivery already, I truly believe that heard in context of the flow of the live feature instead of one after another my voice wasn't that annoying... sniffsniff :)

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 HCN RockYear 1971 prod aired Jan 28 1989

The set of breakers and IDs and promos used in the 1971 day of the 220 hour "HCN RockYears" feature to commemorate the station's 20th birthday. If my VO really sucks, well ... look up at the lamentation above.

In this set you'll hear the laid back sounds of '71 including boot audio of Janis Joplin, PSAs for the hipped out pre-AIDS, pre-Disco mellow generation and more. A peek into a way different time. Enjoy!


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HCN RockYear 1972 prod aired Feb 4 1989

Country Paul Payton on HCN giving Chuck Berry's My Dingaling it's very very first play... and more (Chuck Berry and that song might not thrill you but this story will). The hippy style of presentation and production (did jocks with good voices have to train themselves to sound so ... so... what would you call that style?), Todd Rundren planning ahead to 1984, "The Source" of The NBC Young Adult Radio came directly from WHCN, "The News Blimp" came from WHCN, Dosing Richard Nixon, Bowie starts creating his characters, Choosing the music (Joe Walsh & Steely Dan's beginnings), the amazing Allmans... quite a year!

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HCN RockYear 1973 prod aired Feb 11 1989

Nixon resigns, Pink Floyd does Darkside, Commercials starting to get creative and fun (and offering "free rolling papers with every purchase"), albums for just $3.39... Lots of mega-classic band cuts in this one including Zeppelin, ZZTop, Doobies, Stones, Who and more!

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HCN RockYear 1974 prod aired Feb 18 1989

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HCN RockYear 1975 prod aired Feb 25 1989

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HCN RockYear 1976 prod aired Mar 4 1989

The set of breakers and IDs and promos used in the 1976 day of the 220 hour "HCN RockYears" feature to commemorate the station's 20th birthday. Ah, seems the producer/voice was finally starting to get into a bit of a groove, the wraps are a slight tad more natural

This is a nice set of content too. HCN was getting less laid back and some of more the biggie names of both Radio and Rock are in here (Scared by the original "Last House on the Left" or stirred by "Billy Jack"? Love The Eagles, Seger, Heart? Remember NBC's "The Source"? The Shaboo, anyone? Then this stream is worth a spin).

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HCN RockYear 1977 prod aired Mar 11 1989

The set of breakers and IDs and promos used in the 1977 day of the 220 hour "HCN RockYears" feature to commemorate the station's 20th birthday.

Content includes: Picozzi doing the morning show with Chip Triest, Picozzi producing a Frank Zappa concert spot (btw: I don't feel as bad now about my sounding like a little kid in these 80's bits... Mr. P in the 70's is almost unrecogizable). Plus: Klaatu, the Skynyrd crash, an HCN DHeadzone Robert Hunter interview cut, Iggy Pop making HCN's Jim Shanahan squirm (admittedly Iggy was just doing the correct presentation for his character, but you gotsta feel for the jock). But wait, there's more!!! ;-)

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HCN RockYear 1978 prod aired Mar 18 1989

Michael in the Morning (pre-voicechange)... Hot Head Slater... Behind the Blues Brothers (boy were those guys coked)... REO Speedwagon... Shakedown Street, the commercial... Keith Moon dies... Jessie Jackson doesn't like some girls... Pope John Paul gets his gig... Jonestown... Picozzi announces HomeSpun... Gene Sheean and Mike Shallet on the real behind the scenes WHCN family... Ray White also on the unusual power of the station... (Personal, have to say it: Hey Harv: Fuck You and yours for not 'getting it'. Thanks, I've been wanting to say that for a loooooooooong time.  Now back to our program)... The beginnings of the Walrus... a really early wierdness cut from Jim Ziener in 1973...

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HCN RockYear 1979 prod aired Mar 25 1989

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HCN RockYear 1980 prod aired Apr 1 1989

Yes, I had a major cold when I produced this part of the 220 hour WHCN retrospective feature, but the show had to go on so you'll just have to deal with my stuffly nose gosh darnit ;-).

EDDIE HASKELL!!!! CHIP AND EDDIE!!!! S'cuze me, but I was a just-a-listener then and I loved that morning team and idolized Eddie. Lots of good stuff here: HCN's Tom Watts production (Watts was my production hero, a great voice that you just trusted), the HCN Cadet Buttons, Donna Doobie, Van Halen, Queen disco, Pete Townsend regretting loss of memory... plus remember that 1980 was the year Lennon was shot so you get the thunderstrike of those HCN news reports (Laurie Gypson was on the air for Eddie that morning... something she told me she always regretted)

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HCN RockYear 1981 prod aired Apr 8 1989

Yes, I had a fading cold when I produced this part of the 220 hour WHCN retrospective feature, but the show had to go on so you'll just have to deal with my stuffly nose gosh darnit ;-).

This was the year that Gary Lee Horn arrived at the rock, taking over Chip's place on the Eddie Haskell morning show. Interesting break in this set shows that at first Horn's "horning in" wasn't exactly always welcome (Eddie always had a sly way of getting his true feelings across. Great Tom Watts production for the legendary "HCN Rock Wars", "The Rock Olympics", "Fantasy Album Weekends", Irv Goldfarb afternoons, Phil 'The Rock Pole' Kyrzyk, Laurie Gypson, plus lots of stuff from the news (like the release of the Iranian hostages, Reagan getting shot), and bands of the day (the first year for U2 and Ireland was still a divided country at the time, Ozzy telling us the truth about the Bat) - and more.

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HCN RockYear 1982 prod aired Apr 15 1989

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HCN RockYear 1983 prod aired Apr 22 1989

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HCN RockYear 1984 prod aired Apr 29 1989

Peter Wolf... Tom Watts prod for Heavy Metal Grammies with Kim Alexander, Harris & The Horn do Yoko Ono... International Guitar Month with Stevie Ray on B.B. King... "At the Cindi Lauper last night?"...

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HCN RockYear 1985 prod aired May 6 1989

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HCN RockYear 1986 prod aired May 13 1989

Bon Jovi, Genesis, Stones.. lots more.  Reagan orders the bombing of Libya (I was on the air when the EBS alarm went off for that, wasn't airchecking alas, it was very scary to flip on the EBS system)...  P&H... The Porche 944 turbo Key Song of the Day...  dheadzone humble beginnings...

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 HCN RockYear 1987 prod aired May 20 1989

Kicks in with Reagan's State of the Union address concerning the importance of the founding fathers... Heart's Bad Animals... P&H Live Lunch Luaus... Barefoot Bob prod for Paul Marches' trippy posters... The Wenches: Kim Alexander & Dianna Kelly talk about Joe Show's big, ummm, smile... More Bittens prod for CD Weekends... Sting is big... Ray White on Radio KAOS... Joe Show's Marching Kazoo Bands... Barefoot on da air... The Home of the Rock Concerts sends you to LA for Gilmore's Pink Floyd (Picozzi prod)... Garcia and Brent on Jerry's near-death deal...

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The air studio was on the second floor around the back of the HCN World Headquarters. I took this pic of Paul Harris (HCN, WYNY, IOQ, DC101 and on and on) at the old turn-pot board, but while I remember Paul not being thrilled about me doin' it, I don't remember exactly when it was. The papers stuck to the newsroom window say the primary logo is "Rock of the 80's" and the calls then were Dan Hayden's 'James Bond' style "HCN, 106 HCN". The clock says 8:30, the copy stand is clear of papers so Paul can see into the newsroom... from all of these hints I'm thinking that this is when Paul was doing Mornings as part of Harris & the Horn circa '84/'85 . Hmm, but I don't see the big-ass Sony pro CD system so it was pre-CD and I don't see the DOS computer screen blocking the window and do see the card catalogs over on the shelf behind Paul, so this was before we went to RCS's DJ Select and when we picked our songs from 5x7 inch cards. Maybe Eddie Haskell was still mornings and this is from Pauls' night shift between '81 and '83. Whatever, still cool to see Paul and the room I grew up in.

Wanna see something like footsteps over your grave? Head over to the WCCC site and poke through the latest pics to see the current Asylum Hill studios. The light knobs are moved down but the desk and blue racks behind the jock and the rug walls and phone and mic stands and even that EV RE20 mic are the exact same as I remember from my last days in the early 90's when Rick Walsh and John Ramsey did the redesign. Seeing that is spoooooky. Hey, am I now 20 years younger? Is Mr. Lee coming down the hall? Get that chick out from under the board!
It's Mr. Arnold?  Hide her little sister too!

Robert Smith
Burbank, CA

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