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Yeah yeah Windows Surface and smithvids

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Jan 7th 2013 second-thought:  Sometimes you just wake up cranky.  How many thousands of times have I advised new coders to jump fully into everything new before ragging on it?  Alas, this site's AV disfunction is due to my own breakage of the cardinal rule: "Code to an interface, not an implementation."  DOH! :-)



Time was when I was all about being a year ahead of the Redmond releases. Time isn't that way any more for me. Got a bit tired of the growing restrictions. Call me an old guy but it just ain't Bill's Redmond anymore and the heaps of heaps on top of heaps isn't the "You can do what *you* want on Microsoft" that made me leave the IBM fen DOSes ago.

MS sent a gift surface and I really love the thing, LOVE the keyboard to death (and I am a Unicomp user). BUT, RT kills flash for the little guy and that I hate.  Hate.

I code SWFs well, I don't add malware, I don't kill the CPU... but Redmond has joined the anti-developer team and so my work to code well is not appreciated.  Ballmer, you... you... ah forget it.  I'm a long ways away from building 4 so I have no say and less sway.

Drag though.  This site is proudly 100% hand coded using .Net (not glued like C# VBXers do with .Net-playtime abstractions), but for Vids and Audio it is a real paid-for Wowza server running my own JAVA code and my own SWFs run the plays.  HTML5, oy, and they say VB3 was missing functionality. 

Don't give me that 'if only you had joined the Silverlight fight' cry, old friends.  I used it deep enough to know within 2 versions that it was doomed from within no matter how many lovers it had ignoring its issues.  But you know the shame of it all? Flash is out not because of it's tech, the TECH of it is still beyond compare if you know how to code it - RTMP is a killer, just a killer for awesome interactivities.  No, Flash is out because the Adobe owners were and are dicks to everyone, and so when the OS guys had the ability to strike back they did and they take the shots without regard for users.  I will always love Flash, but I will never forget dealing with Adobe's management.  No, tech had nothing to do with it, if jolly old Macromedia hadn't sold to Adobe then Flash would still be king on all Apple and Microsoft OSes.


RT has a whitelist "feature" and if you use plugins - Flash being the biggie - then supposedly Microsoft will be pushing updated whitelists to your boxes as they condescend to approve various sites that are submitted for skirt lifting (how Apple of them, eh?).  Yeah, I expect this will go just as smoothly as when Microsoft said that they would push Browsercap updates out for ASP.Net developers; That lasted, what, six months with one actual update?  Then we were all on our own.  History doesn't repeat itself, but it tends to rhyme so this all should be fun.

It is important to note that this is NOT the same deal as we get with iOS devices.  iOS does not allow Flash player to be installed to run SWFs (due to Apple management having a long time grudge against Adobe dating back to the issue of Apple being accused of using Adobe code in Apple video editing product - how dare they accuse Cupertino of being caught red handed).  The restriction to SWFs in Windows 8/RT are not based on Microsoft banning a Flash player across the board.  IE10 *has* a fully functional Flash player built in, same as Firefox did when Adobe opened the functionality up for browser makers.  If this had been 'the Apple route' with no Flash support at all on the OS then it would be annoying but precedent would have been there... instead this is just that Microsoft has decided to restrict their Flash player to running only on sites that Redmond arbitrarily "trusts."  

Till I get done with my current work and can get in and recode for the lesser power of HTML5 for media-push users, here's how to get your fully functional Flash player to work on your favorite sites if you are on RT.


Go there, follow the bounding ball.  After you add (and/or the flash sites you NEED) to the list, don't forget the big thing:  switch to Metro - yea, I said "Metro" because it is not modern imho - and start that browser, then Win-I to get the internet options and press the big cartoon button to clear your browsing history (aka the cache).  Then retry your flash-requiring site in the Metro IE10 and in the RT desktop IE10.  Welcome back to the real world.

Sheesh.  Guess the days of friends calling me the ultimate Microsoft evangelist are indeed over.  Wouldn't be so bad if there were a better alternative. 

Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back on the server (sweet commandlines, may you outlive me).


Oh... and VS2012 is butt ugly.  UUUUUUUGly.  But then, ahem, I used that exact same flat/mono UI style in back in 1996 using Sheridan (then Shersoft, now Infragistics) widgets and thought it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool too ;-).


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