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“'Everyone wants to eat like an American on this globe,' said Daniel Basse of AgResource, a Chicago consultancy. 'But if they do, we're going to need another two or three globes to grow it all.'”

from As world's appetite soars, so do food bills by David Streitfeld

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MacroLife or Bust

In a nut.... Hollow out a big space rock and spin it and create farms and industry and ... Life, for a small group of like minded driven individuals. As the population grows so too will the likelihood that some segments will no longer have the same views of the original team and, since the energy and resources of the asteroids are not limited that will not be a big issue as the smaller group is able to create a new habitat where they can go try a culture that they feel has more potential. If their views differ there is plenty of space for both to have elbow room and try their experiment without needing to bother the other.

Where it becomes "Macro-Life" is in the view at a distance


People just can't build stuff that big

Found a drive filled with classic documentaries .. including one of my all time favorites: "Container Ships". Struck me from the first viewing that Space organizations not using ISO containers as a starting place for sizing return systems - designing work towards a beneficial goal instead of for one-off "missions" - is just admitting that they simply aren't into making Space a real place for Earth's business.

Hey, its on YouTube:

Velobind reclosable

Wow, it's been a year since all of my "personal" stuff has been only for the Space Studies Institute web and  Facebook pages?  Wow.  But here's one for my reference that end users won't care much about but sure made my day as I sit here with over 800 pounds of original Solar Power Satellite NASA and DOE reports to convert and make available to those who feel reality is only what is on the internet.

Velobind Recloseables.  Tried real hard to find them locally but in the end could only get them from Amazon.

(click on that image and check out the names on that doc or click this article's title for details)

Cats In Space

“What makes this unique is (despite) the very rough circumstances in which these people are living, they still manage to find the time and effort to have companion animals with them.”


There was a Godzilla movie where space people kept baby Ghidorahs on their ships.  When asked why they said "when we get lost they help us feel better."  I'd always thought that something was lost in the translation, but in pondering it I think that if I were in a difficult place I'd truly wish that my cat was with me.

SpaceX test explosion... next!

December 6th, 1957 Vanguard TV3 blew up and destroyed a significant portion of its Cape Canaveral launch pad.  Media reports were quick to put the cost of the project in the header of their stories... just under the famous headlines with the catchy words: Flopnik, Kaputnik, Oopsnik and Stayputnik.

11 and a half years later the largest rocket ever built had safely delivered two Human Beings to the surface of the moon and just a few years after that the media was so bored with successful flights that the coverage of the walks of 10 other human beings on another world sloped off to casual mentions. 

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Earthlike Planet found near Proxima Centauri

Something to consider when we hear reports of an exoplanet being "Earth like" or "Mars like" or anything-like is that such statements are from the same folks who said that they knew everything that there was to know about the planets and moons right nearby... but then when probes were sent to those places right here in our own neighborhood every post mission interview features at least one moment where the researchers say that they were totally blown away by what they actually found. In many cases they come out and say "we were totally wrong". ... with each report I'm reminded of Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and the story of the Amalgamated Union of Philosophers, Sages, Luminaries and other Professional Thinking Persons ... [more]

Cool O'Neill Colony Model

Cool O'Neill Cylinder!

Easy and very authentic.

Here's my post at

The Gravity of Big Data

They keep calling the Silicon Valley mega projects "moon shots"... why? 

"We can lick gravity, but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming." - von Braun

'You promised me Mars Colonies, instead we got facebook' - Buzz Aldrin

If the paperwork was the big hurdle in the paper days of the Moon program and now we have cell phones that make the super computers of that day seems silly... why is it that all of the "big data" processing isn't actually working on licking gravity? I'm as big a lover of analytics for apps as everyone, but, umm,  why are we not pointing our money-making 'puter power at the stuff that can make 8 billion lives actually free-er?

Even supercomputers need space

A few months ago I was watching a documentary on supercomputing and there was a quick, casual, offhand mention that most of the space used by Google's D-Wave was for cooling.  A second 'toid was that the amount of energy needed for this 'quantum computer' was very high.  The point of the segment was that things that are big now will be smaller tomorrow...

...but do they actually need to be?

Space is big.  Space beyond the Earth's atmosphere can take substantial energy directly from solar capture without the major diffraction limitations on Earth.  And, in the places not directly in line of that energy, space is cold.


So while the PR continues to say that big companies want only to be humanitarians by placing rings of wifi sats in LEO, the big win for them is that Space is just a great place to put your smartest assets... the watchers, the crunchers and the directors. 

Almost Back

Sorry about that,  we've been moving so I shut down the server for a the transition.  Almost back now except for the media server which I'll get to when I find it in the boxes.

Still voicing after all these years

How much wattage can those minisats beam?

So, was it the old talk of 2.4GHz? Is that what got someone looking at a way around the old roadblocks?

Response to ION PROJECT blog post on Solar Power Satellites

I was reading a July 2015 article from "The Ion Project" on Solar Power Satellites (here it is) and wanted to comment on it, but of course there was a severe character limit on the comment form that forces folks to reduce their thoughts to "Great!" or "Stupid!" soundbites and the author didn't provide an alternative way to get in touch... so I'm putting my response here and eventually when I track him down I'll have it.

Dear Mr. Manning,

An excellent post hitting on many of the most important points.  There are different perspectives to some of the bullets that should be kept in mind including: [read more...]

Alive Yes, Putting my money where my mouth is

K.  I have seen the texts and emails.  Got it.  It is thought that a blog is about posting.  Got that too.  But this isn't a "blog", it was started several years before that ugly term went viral.  This is a web site, made from the ground up by me to test out how a web site is made from the ground up.  A "blog" is a tool that people who don't know how to code and script use to promote themselves.  Some are great, many are vanity plates.

And don't get me started on Facebook.

I put stuff here that I need to remember so I can go back and find it when I forget. Though sometimes when the whiskey hits me just right I guess I do use this as a place to vent or pontificate, there's no need to remember my foibles.

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