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“...both India and Japan have space capabilities matching China's but, not the “political will” to use them the way China has”

from The Growing Space Rivalry Between China and India by Uddipan Mukherjee

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Support SSI With Amazon Smile

Just called up Amazon and was greeted with a popup asking if I wanted to donate to a charity (at no cost to me).  Huh.  I clicked the About link ( ) and saw that all we have to do is pick a charity then whenever we call up Amazon with a portion of our regular purchase prices go to what we want.

They offer a scroll picker with the usual suspects but also allow you to search.  I did so and found that SSI is listed! 

Neat.  I'm in!


Gary Hudson SSI NIAC 2014 Video

SSI President Gary Hudson was at the 2014 NIAC conference last week. I so wish I could have been there but Livestream is the next best thing. Gary starts at 1:03.

Watch live streaming video from niac2014 at

Benny The Focused Lego

Lego Movie is coming.  The book is already here. 

My son yelled across the Barnes and Noble store ...

...that we are in it :).


Yes, thank you, it was a very nice birthday

I'm a terrible person.  I make my living teaching machines to keep track of minutia but I never remember anyone else's birthdays.  Guess it's like being able to spot the best mechanic by looking for the guy in the most beat up car in the dealer lot.

In any case, I thank the long-time budds who wished me a happy and yes it was.

The last remaining issue of long duration space life

Had another request to add demo SQL to the old Magic Datepart page. Done.

Hey... yesterday two background voices came together in a flash.

First, while waiting for my tires to be replaced I caught a guy lamenting 'kids these days' not being able to look up from their Gameboys [sic] and AppPhones to save their souls.  Later I had Methuselah's Children playing at the house and along came that always-sad Heinleinism that the only long duration space travel issue truly unfixable by dedicated science and engineering (aka Just Doing It) is the deadliness of boredom.

Hmm.  Hmmmm.  Perhaps the rise of video games is the pink pill RAH didn't foresee?

Abuse of Power (jquery)

B> i need...

S> how bout...

B> a start

S>dont show a priest

B>efem ;)

Persisted Coalescence

I knew PERSISTED.  I knew COALESCE.  Dang though, I hadn't thought to put them together!

ALTER TABLE myPersonTable
    ADD FullName AS  (
REPLACE(RTrim(Coalesce(Title + ' ','') 
+ Coalesce(FirstName + ' ','') 
+ Coalesce(MiddleName + ' ', '')
+ Coalesce(LastName + ' ', '')
+ Coalesce(Suffix, '')
+ Coalesce(NULL, '')), '  ', ' ') ) PERSISTED

Webforms Inherited Panel control

Wasn't going to post this because some magic made the original problem go away, but just in case it comes back... my sitelett search makes it easier to find stuff than searching for commented out code :-).

Needed a container control for a Repeater's ItemTemplate so users could get the info from any collection of display controls (labels, images, whatever) and just click anywhere in the set for a serverside event instead of putting a button into the mix.

Easy enough, added an inherited Panel.  Worked fine as a drop-in on test pages but when added to the Repeater and was inline bound the doPostback javascript errored out on registration.  It was being rendered correctly in the html but when used in an ItemTemplate it didn't want to even get past page_load.

So I hand-wired the Render method to use the settimeout style and poof, it worked as a list item container.

Gravity and Alexander

I saw a review of Gravity that had as its blurb the reviewer stating that the movie was so good that it proves that Space is no place for human beings.


I've been told from childhood that Alexander The Great wept for there no more worlds to conquer.  As a person raised on the excitement of the infinite possibilities of things beyond this one little tiny planet, that line always made me sad for Alexander, because his time kept him from seeing the truly real big picture.  Recently I was told that that quote was NOT historical; like Christians quoting Milton and believing they were referencing the Bible, Alexander had quite a different thing to say... 

ASP.Net limited textarea for Ajax

Huh?  What?

Oh sorry, been heads down the past few ... months?  Sheesh.

Ok.  There is one thing I did the other day that I'll forget if I don't put it here.  I'm working on a few new sites and all of them at one place or another need a textarea with a character limit.

I know, we've all done these since before the beginning in one way or another.  It's no big deal to just check the length  in the postback or add a key event javascript method with an alert or whatever, and these days even adding a countdown span means just grabbing someone's freebie jquery sample. 

Those all work fine mostly.  But for this project there was a twist that threw me a fail...

Serialization Error on hosted site

"I'm using an add-in architecture for a webforms project like the ones you used to talk about, based on Rocky's CSLA for validation but not his overhead.  As usual everything is fine on my machine and our test server but when I drop it on a hosting company server I get 'System.Security.Permissions.ReflectionPermission' when I'm doing the clone of any data objects.  I like the system (old school!) but can you suggest a fast reason for this error?"

Ah Medium trust.

I take it you're using the DataContract attributes for the serialization?  If so, maybe you went the extra mile (as we all do) and implementated IExtensibleDataObject... even if you don't really have a reason to do any roundtripping of data.  If you are and if you don't need the feature just try dropping the implementation. 

If you DO need the roundtripping ...

Amazon Review: Space Bots or Bodies video

A DirectTV keyword search on "Space" brought up The Smithsonian Spotlight show "Space: Bots or Bodies" but yet again that is one channel I'd have to clog my guide with a million sports channels to see so I looked it up on Amazon and it was there for Instant viewing for cheap. 


However to see it you have to know a trick, and here it is (plus a review)...

Huh. Samuel Adams was an old guy

I've had this as my desktop image for a while now. I like it for several personal reasons, but I just finally noticed the dates.

1722 DOB, that means he was in his 50s during the famous Revolution work.  40s and 50s back then was like 60s and 70s today.


Buzz, LinkedIn, Mars, Moon, Asteroids and wigs

This morning in the Leeward Space Foundation group on LinkedIn, Jun Okushi posted a link to this Examiner article which reported Buzz Aldrin is no fan of the current Asteroid plan.  And, of course the comments raged from the Mars, Moon and Asteroid supporters (wait, there were no Asteroid supporters, odd).

If you're on LinkedIn, search for it but be ready for a slug fest.

With my two cents I was going to quote Mozart's exclamation to his wigmaker...

but I posted this instead ...

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